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  • Dec 17 2018



    Five years ago, we, as two sets of parents, started out on a journey to ensure

  • Jun 16 2015

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    Des Moines Resource Event on 6/20/15

    DES MOINES, Iowa-- An Iowa family that lost a soldier to post-traumatic stress is on a mission to help others in the fight of their lives.

  • Feb 10 2015

    Dr and Mrs Somers with Sandra Bond Chapman, Ph.D., founder and chief director of the Center for BrainHealth

    Caring For The Minds Of Vets

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  • Feb 10 2015

    Caring For The Minds Of Vets

    Daniel Somers was just 30 years old when he committed suicide after suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after serving in the

  • Jun 07 2014

    Howard and Jean Somers open Operation Engage America in San Diego 6/7/14

    Operation Engage America offers regional event for veterans, families

    Howard and Jean Somers spoke today at what they say is the first inaugural resource, education and awareness event for Veterans and their families struggling with post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury.